How to truly Love and Honor those who you care about most

Relationships can be challenging on all fronts.

However, I have learned that the things that matter most to us typically require really hard work.

In today’s podcast you are going to discover how to love and honor the most important people in your life, and that will lead to beautiful and healthy relationships!”


Worried about the future? Here’s how to create the future life you want…

Are you worried about your future finances? Your health? Relationship? Maybe your kids?

We all want to have the very best life possible, however so many times we don’t feel like we’re quite there.

List to today’s message learn how God instructs us to create the future we want.

The reality is we can partner with God to create the future life that we want to have.

In this week’s message we are going to discover that our daily decisions shape our future destiny!

When You Feel Lost and Unsure

Our Faith is a journey. And on that journey in there are seasons in life when we can feel lost and unsure.

If you’re going through a difficult season right now, listen to find God’s guidance.

It is in those times that we need to connect with God and know His powerful truths that we can rest in!”

It’s also a time where it can be difficult to find God.

Today’s message will help.

When you feel “I just can’t do this anymore…”

Are you in a place of life where you feel like you can’t do this anymore?

This week we’ll discover how we can find strength and guidance from God when it feels like you’re “done.”

Maybe you are in a spiritually dry place and not feeling God near, saying to yourself, “I just can’t do this anymore.”

Perhaps there’s a relationship you’re ready to give up on and you’re saying to yourself in your mind, “I feel like I can’t do this anymore.” Maybe it’s a treadmill of life you feel stuck on.

In these moments the most important thing is to feel God’s love and his support!

Let’s go together to find God’s love and feel him supporting you!”

Ever ask, “Why is God doing this?”

When we have challenges, confusing times, and uncertainty, it is easy to ask the question, “Why is God doing this?”

It is in this moment we need the superpower to trust!

Not to trust God 50-50, 80-20, or even 90-10. It’s in this moment where we have to trust God with ALL our heart!

In this week’s message I’m going to give you some handlebars to hold onto to help you answer the question, “Why is God doing this?

How is God guiding your life so you grow?

God wants us to grow. Most of us want to grow in God as well! How do we do it?

The reality is God is always producing something in us. He wants you to experience peace and grace and a stronger faith, however many times that growth comes through pain in our lives.

But never forget this, God has a redeeming purpose in every pain!