Your Words Matter!!!

Did you know that your words have great power? Scripture says the tongue has the power of life and death.

Learn how you can change your life with your words.

In this week’s message I’m going to give you seven takeaways that are going to drive home how much your words matter!

Because your words shape the course of your life!

The Wisdom of Wisdom

All of us have to make decisions every single day of our lives. Some are spiritual decisions, some are emotional decisions, some are health related and physical decisions, some are relational decisions, and of course there’s always financial decisions.

We need the wisdom of God to make those decisions.

So in this podcast we are going to dive deep and pull out the riches of God’s wisdom.

Remember, if you rake you get leaves, but if you dig you get gold!

The Power of Your Thoughts

The thoughts we think are so powerful. They literally shape our lives. The reality is, when we say yes to negative thoughts, we say no to a meaningful life.

Today you’ll learn what the bible says about using our thoughts to attract the life you desire:

Even scientists today are agreeing with what God said thousands of years ago in His word, “as a person thinks, so he is.” It’s time to change our thinking according to God’s word and have powerful thoughts that will catapult us into God’s very best!

The Power of Your Words

We’ve all been there! We find ourselves in an argument that we don’t want to be in. And we say words that we wish we didn’t say.

We wish we could grab those words and suck them back into our mouth!

The Bible says that our words have the power of life and death!

Get ready tap in to the power of God that gives words of life!

Do you ever feel alone?

Have you ever felt alone? Are you feeling lonely right now?
I know I have had seasons of feeling extremely lonely.

Guess what?

Even Jesus had massive moments of loneliness.

He was rejected by those closest to him, and in his most distressed moment before being taken away to be crucified, his disciples fell asleep!

Now Jesus not only knows how you feel, but has the solution for your loneliness!

Forgiving Yourself When You Can’t

We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all blown it. And sometimes it is so difficult to forgive ourselves.

Have you ever been just unable to forgive yourself for a mistake?

Learn how God will help you get past something you can’t forgive yourself for.

In this podcast we are going to learn the powerful truth that forgiving ourselves ultimately comes from understanding God’s forgiveness.

Get ready for a new life where you can forgive yourself!