You don’t need to be afraid anymore

We all have experienced scary moments, be it an accident, a bad medical report, or an unexpected tragic phone call.

In these moments we can go down the path of fear or the path of faith.

God has so many promises in his word for you that will empower you to let go of fear. (And it’s NOT what most people will tell you.)

The truth is, you don’t have to be afraid anymore!

Worried about the future?

Most of us wonder about the future.

Where will I be?  What will I do?  How will I get there?

What if you could trust God with your future and just focus on today?

Please join me for this week’s message on how to live day-to-day in a way that lessens the burden of tomorrow’s worries.

How to Feel Peaceful on a Bad Day

We’ve all been there! We’ve all had bad days and even horrible days.

Click to learn how God tells us to deal with a bad day.

And sometimes it seems like those days add up.

Someone asked me A great question, “How do I feel peaceful on a bad day?”

I’ve got really great news, Jesus has the answer!

Get ready to start feeling peaceful again as we dive deep into God’s truth!