Do you know what it REALLY means to Love Unconditionally?

I believe we all want to love other people unconditionally. We say that we do love unconditionally, until it gets tested!

When someone says something or does something that hurts, it can be a challenge to love unconditionally.

The beautiful thing is that God loves you unconditionally and that empowers us to love others unconditionally, while still having clear healthy boundary lines.

Let’s discover what God says about loving unconditionally!

How God helps us to Follow Through (and Stop Procrastinating)

We all have things in our lives that we know need to get done, should get done, but don’t get done! But, when we follow through on those things God says to do, we step in to massive blessings.

Today’s message is about what God calls us to do and the blessings these actions bring.

There’s something powerful about the principle of “follow through”. And not all things are equally important – Some stuff matters more than others.

The truth is that there are certain things near and dear to the heart of God that he calls us to follow through on.

So let’s get into action and follow through!

Pray like your life depended upon it

Sometimes when we’re going through hard times it can be difficult to articulate a prayer. Sometimes we feel like God is not hearing our prayers.

If you have ever felt like God doesn’t hear you, listen to today’s message to understand what’s going on.

It can feel like rubber bullets bouncing off the ceiling as our prayers go up!

You need to know that God is always listening and is inviting you to pour out your heart.

When we pray, God does something miraculous. What we need to do is pray like our life depended upon it… Because it does.

What God says about choosing the right friends

What God says about choosing the right friends

To thrive in life, it is vitally important to have the right people around you!

This life we live always will involve people. Always.

And, let’s be honest, you know that some people in your life are better for you than others.

Fortunately, God’s gives us guidance on who to choose to spend time with.

We need God’s guidance on choosing our friends. Let us choose well!

Does Fear Ever Hold You Back?

Let’s be honest, fear can be crippling. It can stop us from living our dreams and sometimes leave us in deep pain.

Today I’m going to share how God guides us to overcome these fears.

Even if they’ve been holding you back for years, you don’t need to be a slave to them any more.

God has a purpose for you in this life. He wants you to thrive and succeed. He wants you to laugh and dance!

Today, I’m going to share again a message that may be familiar to you, but so many people have not made it a part of their lives, I thought it would help you to hear it today.

Get ready to celebrate leaving your fear in the dust!