Guard Your Heart

God says that every issue of life flows from your heart. He says that everything you do in life is coming from your heart.

This is why He lovingly tells us to guard our hearts!

In this week’s message, we will go deep into the heart of the matter!


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Guard Your Mind!

There is a phrase in computer science that says, “Garbage in – Garbage out.” The same is true with our minds.

Listen to today’s message to learn how God give us a secret power to guard our minds from negative thoughts.

If we focus on negative thoughts, bad thoughts, shameful thoughts, fearful thoughts, angry thoughts, we get all those negative things in our lives.

But God gives us the secret and the power of how to guard our minds, because it’s also true “Good things in – Good things out!”


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This too shall pass

You have heard the phrase, “This too shall pass.” Perhaps you were – or are – going through a challenging time, and someone tried encouraging you with those words.

Listen to hear how God guides us to apply this idea in The Bible.

The Bible describes this idea in different ways, and helps it make sense in different parts of our life.

The Bible talks about seasons, and seasons have a start and finish.

If you’re enduring a trial, you need to know “This too shall pass” and God’s got you in the palm of his hand.


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This is a test. Only a test.

The Bible says “when” you and I have trials, not “if”. We will have trials.

Click to hear today’s message on how God empowers us to deal with life’s hard stuff.

The Bible also tells us that those trials come in many different shapes and sizes.

The game changer is when we understand that those trials that we face are a test.

Find out today what God says to do when you’re facing a trial!

Like I said before, Life is happening FOR us, not to us.


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The setback is a setup for the comeback!

We all experience setbacks in life. There can be physical health setbacks, relational heartbreaks, or even financial setbacks.

Join me today to understand how God uses these challenges for our benefit.

And it is in those moments that it will take faith. We have to understand that God is working in the unseen. I want you to know today that your setback is a setup for your comeback!


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God says “Don’t give up!”

There are things that God has called you to. And there are times when we want to walk away and throw in the towel.

If you’ve ever felt ready to give up, listen to today’s message – It will help.

But God’s Word to you is, “Don’t give up!” Let’s learn to better understand God’s timing and the reward that awaits!


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Letting Go Of The Past

It’s not about how you start in life, it’s all about how you finish!

Listen to learn to overcome your past.

So many times we get stuck about our past that we lose sight of what the future holds, and all that God has for us.

It’s time to let go of the past and focus on the future!


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Happy Easter! Because He’s alive… I’m alive!

So, what does Easter really mean for you and me?

Listen to today’s message to learn how Easter matters in your life.

Isn’t it true that on any given day, any given occasion, any given circumstance that we can feel dead to life?

During Easter, Jesus, who was dead came to life. He was completely dead, yet rose and is alive!

Are there parts of yourself or your life that feel dead? Parts you long to bring life to?

Jesus said he wants us to live life to the fullest.

Come join me for this week’s message and discover what this can mean for you.

The reality that He is alive, means that you and I can be ALIVE… like never before!


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Move Toward Your Giant!

Every one of us has trials that we face. And sometimes the trial can be gigantic.

We need to learn to not just face our giant, but make a move toward our giant!

Your giant could be finances, a rocky relationship, a child making poor decisions, a bad habit, or even a health issue.

There are a lot of giants out there! So, let’s make a move toward our giant, and see God give the victory!


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Worried about what other people think? Here’s how to stop…

So many people are stuck in life, because they are worried about what other people think about them.

Let’s learn how to stop worrying what other people think.

What if you had a paradigm shift of “Living for the audience of One”?

Instead of trying to look for the approval of others, it’s time to decide that the only one that matters is Christ and what he thinks about you.

So at the end of the day, who cares what other people think!

Do you know what it REALLY means to Love Unconditionally?

I believe we all want to love other people unconditionally. We say that we do love unconditionally, until it gets tested!

When someone says something or does something that hurts, it can be a challenge to love unconditionally.

The beautiful thing is that God loves you unconditionally and that empowers us to love others unconditionally, while still having clear healthy boundary lines.

Let’s discover what God says about loving unconditionally!

How God helps us to Follow Through (and Stop Procrastinating)

We all have things in our lives that we know need to get done, should get done, but don’t get done! But, when we follow through on those things God says to do, we step in to massive blessings.

Today’s message is about what God calls us to do and the blessings these actions bring.

There’s something powerful about the principle of “follow through”. And not all things are equally important – Some stuff matters more than others.

The truth is that there are certain things near and dear to the heart of God that he calls us to follow through on.

So let’s get into action and follow through!

Pray like your life depended upon it

Sometimes when we’re going through hard times it can be difficult to articulate a prayer. Sometimes we feel like God is not hearing our prayers.

If you have ever felt like God doesn’t hear you, listen to today’s message to understand what’s going on.

It can feel like rubber bullets bouncing off the ceiling as our prayers go up!

You need to know that God is always listening and is inviting you to pour out your heart.

When we pray, God does something miraculous. What we need to do is pray like our life depended upon it… Because it does.

What God says about choosing the right friends

What God says about choosing the right friends

To thrive in life, it is vitally important to have the right people around you!

This life we live always will involve people. Always.

And, let’s be honest, you know that some people in your life are better for you than others.

Fortunately, God’s gives us guidance on who to choose to spend time with.

We need God’s guidance on choosing our friends. Let us choose well!

Does Fear Ever Hold You Back?

Let’s be honest, fear can be crippling. It can stop us from living our dreams and sometimes leave us in deep pain.

Today I’m going to share how God guides us to overcome these fears.

Even if they’ve been holding you back for years, you don’t need to be a slave to them any more.

God has a purpose for you in this life. He wants you to thrive and succeed. He wants you to laugh and dance!

Today, I’m going to share again a message that may be familiar to you, but so many people have not made it a part of their lives, I thought it would help you to hear it today.

Get ready to celebrate leaving your fear in the dust!

Replacing Negative Thoughts With “God” Thoughts

Did you know that the enemy of your soul has a target. And that target in fact is your mind.

Click to learn to learn how to destroy negative thoughts.

And so his strategy, his weapon, is to use lies. So what we have to do is fill our minds with what God says!

Get ready to replace negative thoughts with “God” thoughts.

You’ll never be the same!”

When we say “Thanks” to God, Great things happen!

Gratitude opens up the possibility for incredible blessings! There’s a beautiful cycle in giving God thanks.

Here’s how it works: The more we thank Him, the more we see Him working in us and around us. Saying thanks to God helps us sense God’s presence, His personal care, and understanding His perfect timing.

Get ready for great things to happen in your life as you say “thanks” to God!”

Life Is Happening FOR You, Not To You

For so many of us, we have difficulties and challenges that we struggle with each day. They leave us frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. But, what if we viewed those challenges as gifts?

What if we really believed that everything that comes at us is an opportunity to grow and learn from God? In this podcast we are going to discover that life is happening for us, not to us.

Are you living on auto-pilot?

Have you ever been stuck before, where life feels like you’re just spinning your wheels over and over again and getting nowhere? The temptation is to check out and just live life on auto pilot.

What I have discovered is that creating an intentional life requires that we stop responding by emotion and start walking in the truth.

In today’s podcast we will learn that there needs to be action on our part, yet knowing the finish line is God’s part in his good timing.

How to truly Love and Honor those who you care about most

Relationships can be challenging on all fronts.

However, I have learned that the things that matter most to us typically require really hard work.

In today’s podcast you are going to discover how to love and honor the most important people in your life, and that will lead to beautiful and healthy relationships!”


Worried about the future? Here’s how to create the future life you want…

Are you worried about your future finances? Your health? Relationship? Maybe your kids?

We all want to have the very best life possible, however so many times we don’t feel like we’re quite there.

List to today’s message learn how God instructs us to create the future we want.

The reality is we can partner with God to create the future life that we want to have.

In this week’s message we are going to discover that our daily decisions shape our future destiny!

When You Feel Lost and Unsure

Our Faith is a journey. And on that journey in there are seasons in life when we can feel lost and unsure.

If you’re going through a difficult season right now, listen to find God’s guidance.

It is in those times that we need to connect with God and know His powerful truths that we can rest in!”

It’s also a time where it can be difficult to find God.

Today’s message will help.

When you feel “I just can’t do this anymore…”

Are you in a place of life where you feel like you can’t do this anymore?

This week we’ll discover how we can find strength and guidance from God when it feels like you’re “done.”

Maybe you are in a spiritually dry place and not feeling God near, saying to yourself, “I just can’t do this anymore.”

Perhaps there’s a relationship you’re ready to give up on and you’re saying to yourself in your mind, “I feel like I can’t do this anymore.” Maybe it’s a treadmill of life you feel stuck on.

In these moments the most important thing is to feel God’s love and his support!

Let’s go together to find God’s love and feel him supporting you!”

Ever ask, “Why is God doing this?”

When we have challenges, confusing times, and uncertainty, it is easy to ask the question, “Why is God doing this?”

It is in this moment we need the superpower to trust!

Not to trust God 50-50, 80-20, or even 90-10. It’s in this moment where we have to trust God with ALL our heart!

In this week’s message I’m going to give you some handlebars to hold onto to help you answer the question, “Why is God doing this?

How is God guiding your life so you grow?

God wants us to grow. Most of us want to grow in God as well! How do we do it?

The reality is God is always producing something in us. He wants you to experience peace and grace and a stronger faith, however many times that growth comes through pain in our lives.

But never forget this, God has a redeeming purpose in every pain!

God DOES hear your words

When we are feeling lonely, sad, or hurting, we can sometimes believe the lie that God doesn’t hear us.

Today we will learn how God shows us he’s listening.

In today’s Keep Moving Forward podcast we will discover that not only does God hear every word you say, he even knows what you’re going to say before you say it!

Even mature believers have seasons or moments when they’re wondering if God is listening.

Be encouraged, because he is listening all the way to your heart!”

How to Reignite Your Passion!

There are so many seasons in life. There are times when we’re happy, and times when we’re sad. There are times where we have a real passion for life, and times when we feel like we’re just on the treadmill of life.

In today’s podcast we are going to learn how to ignite our passion!

Know this, purpose leads to passion and passion leads to purpose!

I want to encourage you that you can get your passion for life back!


You Become Who You Spend Time With

God says “Be very careful”. (it’s found in Ephesians 5:15) Who you spend time with makes a HUGE difference.
I want to challenge you with five questions so that God can grab a hold of your heart and …where you are in life!

God is for you, however, it makes a difference who we are hanging out with!


How to Discover God’s Purpose in Life’s Challenges (And What They Mean).

Life can be challenging.  No question about it.  We sometimes hear that God has a purpose for us in all challenges – not that he causes them, but that he uses them for our good.

What if you had a method for figuring out God’s purpose in some of life’s challenges?

Watch today’s video to learn how to use Facts, Impacts and Tracks to understand God’s divine plan for you.

How God Can Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles

We’ve all blown it. We’ve all tripped up. We’ve all made mistakes.

Some are little mistakes and some are massive mistakes. But God has the power to turn our mistakes into miracles!
Just like Joseph in the Bible, God takes us from the pit to the palace!

If you have ever made a mistake, this message is for you!

Overcoming Anger and Bitterness with God’s Power

We have all been hurt. We have little hurts and we have huge hurts.

However God can give us the power to let go of the little and big hurts.

He can empower us to let go of anger and bitterness like we never have dreamed of or thought possible!

He really can give us the strength and ability to set us free from the prison of anger and bitterness!

If you’re ready, let’s get going toward finding new freedom in your life.

How to get rid of negative thoughts!

Last week we talked about having positive thoughts! But how about us getting rid of negative thoughts?

What does God say about getting rid of the negative thoughts that bombard our minds?

Get ready because we are going to go on a journey of progression through God’s word that will lead us to getting rid of the negative thoughts that prevent God’s best for our lives!

What About Staying Positive?

As believers we sometimes feel guilty about being positive. We wonder, is it okay to focus on positive things and have positive thoughts.

Sometimes we feel like we’re somehow supposed to be negative and serious.

In this podcast we’re going to find out that we have a very positive God!

We’re going to discover five powerful positive statements by Jesus Christ that will transform our lives!

The Good Life

All of us want to live the good life. But what actually is that?

We all have different thoughts of what would make our life good.

Today, we are going to shine light on what really is the good life that brings long lasting contentment.

Whatever you’re going through and wherever you’re at in life, God has amazing things for you!

Let’s find out what God says is ‘the good life.’

Your Words Matter!!!

Did you know that your words have great power? Scripture says the tongue has the power of life and death.

Learn how you can change your life with your words.

In this week’s message I’m going to give you seven takeaways that are going to drive home how much your words matter!

Because your words shape the course of your life!

The Wisdom of Wisdom

All of us have to make decisions every single day of our lives. Some are spiritual decisions, some are emotional decisions, some are health related and physical decisions, some are relational decisions, and of course there’s always financial decisions.

We need the wisdom of God to make those decisions.

So in this podcast we are going to dive deep and pull out the riches of God’s wisdom.

Remember, if you rake you get leaves, but if you dig you get gold!

The Power of Your Thoughts

The thoughts we think are so powerful. They literally shape our lives. The reality is, when we say yes to negative thoughts, we say no to a meaningful life.

Today you’ll learn what the bible says about using our thoughts to attract the life you desire:

Even scientists today are agreeing with what God said thousands of years ago in His word, “as a person thinks, so he is.” It’s time to change our thinking according to God’s word and have powerful thoughts that will catapult us into God’s very best!

The Power of Your Words

We’ve all been there! We find ourselves in an argument that we don’t want to be in. And we say words that we wish we didn’t say.

We wish we could grab those words and suck them back into our mouth!

The Bible says that our words have the power of life and death!

Get ready tap in to the power of God that gives words of life!

Do you ever feel alone?

Have you ever felt alone? Are you feeling lonely right now?
I know I have had seasons of feeling extremely lonely.

Guess what?

Even Jesus had massive moments of loneliness.

He was rejected by those closest to him, and in his most distressed moment before being taken away to be crucified, his disciples fell asleep!

Now Jesus not only knows how you feel, but has the solution for your loneliness!

Forgiving Yourself When You Can’t

We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all blown it. And sometimes it is so difficult to forgive ourselves.

Have you ever been just unable to forgive yourself for a mistake?

Learn how God will help you get past something you can’t forgive yourself for.

In this podcast we are going to learn the powerful truth that forgiving ourselves ultimately comes from understanding God’s forgiveness.

Get ready for a new life where you can forgive yourself!

You don’t need to be afraid anymore

We all have experienced scary moments, be it an accident, a bad medical report, or an unexpected tragic phone call.

In these moments we can go down the path of fear or the path of faith.

God has so many promises in his word for you that will empower you to let go of fear. (And it’s NOT what most people will tell you.)

The truth is, you don’t have to be afraid anymore!

Worried about the future?

Most of us wonder about the future.

Where will I be?  What will I do?  How will I get there?

What if you could trust God with your future and just focus on today?

Please join me for this week’s message on how to live day-to-day in a way that lessens the burden of tomorrow’s worries.

How to Feel Peaceful on a Bad Day

We’ve all been there! We’ve all had bad days and even horrible days.

Click to learn how God tells us to deal with a bad day.

And sometimes it seems like those days add up.

Someone asked me A great question, “How do I feel peaceful on a bad day?”

I’ve got really great news, Jesus has the answer!

Get ready to start feeling peaceful again as we dive deep into God’s truth!

Overcoming Overwhelm

If you’re looking for the Message on “Overcoming Anger and Bitterness with God’s Power?” Click Here.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? Like there’s just SO much weight on you and you can’t deal with it all?

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Every human being on the face of the earth throughout the history of mankind has experienced feeling overwhelmed.

Every man and woman in the Bible experienced at some point in their lives feeling overwhelmed. Today we are going to dive deep so that we can rise high!

God has called you to be an Overcomer and to overcome overwhelm!

Does God want you to be prosperous?

A lot of people talk about gaining prosperity…But, what does God say about it?  In today’s message you’re going to discover how God wants you to thrive and flourish in all areas of your life!

And God gives us the path and keys to prosper!  The word “prosper” shows up 84 times in the Bible, so it must be important to God. Get ready to learn what God wants us to know about being prosperous.

Does God want you to be happy?

Every person deep down inside desires to be happy. We wonder if that’s OK to want to be happy. We even ask the question, “Does God want me to be happy?”

The simple answer is “YES!” Jesus lays out a path of happiness, however it is very different than what you might hear in the everyday world. Today we’re going to learn what Jesus guides us to do. Get ready to get on the path of being supremely happy!

The Secret to Praying so God Hears You

Please join me for this week’s message on how to pray by faith. We probably all have been there, when we feel like our prayers are bouncing off the ceiling back at us. We’re wondering if God is even listening. We seem to not be getting our answer, so what do we do? Today we are going to discover how to pray in a way that God hears your prayers. Remembering that faith is being sure of what you know and certain of what you do not see.

Worried about the future?

Most of us wonder about the future.

Where will I be?  What will I do?  How will I get there?

What if you could trust God with your future and just focus on today?

Please join me for this week’s message on how to live day-to-day in a way that lessens the burden of tomorrow’s worries.

How to walk with God

Ever wish you felt God was closer to you?

Today we’ll learn God’s secret about how He wants us to “Walk with Him.”

If you’ve wondered how exactly God wants us to live the life that He calls us to, then today’s message is for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how exactly to do this in daily life.

Please join me for this week’s message on how to do just this.

What was I thinking?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done dumb things. Today’s podcast is about God’s secret to avoiding these mistakes.

We have all said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing, and it didn’t turn out good.  What if we knew God’s secret on doing smart things. What does he say is smart?

There’s a secret found in his word that describes two kinds of wisdom.

In today’s message you’ll discover what those two kinds of wisdom are, and how to use them to make your life happier.

I can’t believe I said that!

Our words have an unseen power to shape our lives. This week’s message on how to use this special power. We’ve been talking about the secrets that God has shared with us. Our words have the power to not only affect other people, but change the way we feel too. What we think is one thing, but when we put thoughts into words, they begin to create action in our lives and the lives of others – whether we want them to or not. God has given secret power to words. In this week’s message, you’ll learn about that power and how you can use it in your life.

God’s Secret?

Imagine the bible had secret wisdom for you within its pages. Have you ever read a good book or article, then read it again and gotten new things out of it that you missed before?

Today, I want to share with you about some of the secret wisdom God has for you during challenging times. What’s more is that we sometimes hear some wisdom or principle from the bible and think “That sounds great!” But inside aren’t sure it will really work for us. What if you believed without any doubt that it would really work for you? How would you live your life differently? How much more peaceful would you feel? Today’s message shares how to do this in your life.

How to Move from Tragedy to Triumph

Imagine what life would be like when you see the goodness of God on the other side of the tragedy you experienced. Something good is waiting for you. It’s God’s promise to you. Being brave will lead you to healing; healing will lead you to deliverance; and deliverance will lead you to triumph. In this podcast, our final part of “imagine something good is on the other side,” we will be trained on how to move from your tragedy to your triumph!


How to Move from Disappointment to Deliverance

Unmet expectations… dashed dreams… unbelievable disappointment… and the list can go on. Disappointments can get us stuck. When we are stuck it can lead us down paths of discouragement, disillusionment, and even depression. David of the old testament knew this well and wrote a song to God, “the Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer.” he experienced “deliverance!” in this podcast part 3 of “imagine something good is on the other side,” we will learn a simple way to move from your disappointment to your deliverance!

How to Move from Hurt to Healing

Life is filled with hurts. No one is exempt. You have probably heard the saying, “hurt people hurt people.” It’s true. However, God doesn’t want you to live life as a hurt human being. Yes, we get hurt, yet healing is on the other side. God is the healer and has a plan to heal your hurts. In this podcast part 2 of “imagine something good is on the other side,” we will see from God’s word how to move from your hurt to your healing!



How to Move from Brave to Breakthrough

We all go through challenging times. Things happen that we just didn’t see coming. When you’re in the midst of it, trying to see the good is downright challenging. What if you really believed there was something good on the other side of the setback you are experiencing. Your breakthrough starts with being brave. In this podcast you will understand how god can move you from brave to breakthrough!

How to Get Great Thoughts and Get Rid of the Bad Ones!

Key Verses: Philippians 4:4-13

“Confidence,” “attitude,” “worth,” is what God’s word in Philippians 1-3 speaks about! In this podcast we put it all together. we flip the script in our hearts and minds, focusing and fixing our thoughts on what God says is good, right, and true!


Do You Wrestle with Feeling Worthy?

Key Verses: Philippians 3:7-14

In part one a key word was “confidence.” In part two the key word was “attitude.” In this podcast, part 3 of flip the script, the key word is “worth.” God’s word sets the standard for your “worth.” Join me in this podcast and let’s discover your incredible worth through the eyes of Jesus.


Flip the Script Part 2 (Book of Philippians)

“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset (attitude) as Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:5

Key Verses: Philippians 2:1-11

What script do you have in your mind? Do you know it affects your attitude? And guess what, “attitude affects everything.” When the bible speaks of “attitude”, it is speaking about what your “mindset” is. Let’s dive deep into Philippians 2 and grab ahold of the attitude of Jesus.


Flip the Script (Book of Philippians)

What are you confident in? The Book of Philippians talks a lot about the thoughts that we have, and we’ll study this today to learn about the script running in our minds that we may or not know is always there.

Today’s Message: Being Confident of This” – Philippians 1:6
“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.